Friday, December 28, 2012

life is good to live

Today’s date 29-Dec , we all here living but to surviving here had made us so different we change ourselves to survive not for living, everyone almost everyone plan for the tomorrow when u don’t know about the today life, how can u plan for tomorrow. Live for today and if you are there for tomorrow then it would be today,
Life is to live,
Life is to enjoy,
Life is short.
What you have got,
Make it better.
So think about the weather,
It’s always changing,
Things would be bothering.
Don’t get carried away.
Happiness is not too far way.

Friday, December 21, 2012

DOOMSDAY:- 21-12-2012

Hi pals it seem the most awaited doomsday as arrived and everything seem calm some small mishap are there but it ok but it is not the day to get the thing end and few more hours are there. We will see the how day will get end the world. If it so try to enjoy the moment you live so you will be here happy and nothing to carry as much you worry. Today seem to be lucky and I got some really good news and info.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Got up in Early moring:- walking is good for health

  Today Thursday seem I got up early and don’t why this happen today, I was trying to sleep again and not able to get into it. This is winter season, full of cold and everything getting freezing in the chillness. Usual this period in morning people used to get up very early in morning and form a group and go for singing and pray in the street it also most like carol and in our region people use to put some rangoli in front of home. I went for walk it good to be there in this climate would be terrific and simple blissful and I enjoyed walking in the street and my friend accompanied me and we run here and there and just like joking. We were almost like kids to play with each and running here and there everyone were watching us. It’s good to have early morning walk.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My dream black lady

Royal Enfield thunderbird 350

Its seem Sunday and nothing to do and I feel very much bored as usual anticipated to do something and I have lend a Royal Enfield thunderbird 350 from a friend as it going stand simply in his parking, At first he was reluctant and we both went to have breakfast and I was driving the Black lady she is really wild at first and thing seem to be terrific as time prolong. Few thing are really unique to her no one can’t match. This really amazing to drive such orthodox black lady is not simple you much be well verse in subject to master the same. But driving Royal Enfield is not a small task. Things she has unique to her is breaking and side rear view mirrors and one must need maintain the speed gear ratio to drive her properly this common to all bike. He got some assurance gave his bike, I have filled the tank and went for a long drive I was driving for 150 kms from my place and again I traveled to my home the same distance it seem a wonderful journey to for 300 a total I am amazed to the same, she is my pet and she has herself to me, we are two but one in soul. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hobbies:  Bird Watching
Bird watching is interesting hobby, you will learn many thing for them. One of important thing human came to know from birds is parental, especially pigeon these are very interesting to watch, there really committed to their partner and nurturing offspring.  Pigeons have interesting and peculiar birds to watch.  Here both male and female are feed the kid and share equal responsibility. As usual male is somewhat bigger in size and more aggressive and female is soft and quite passive in nature. Before the pigeon get into commitment male pigeon use open his beck and offer something to share and female used to insert her beck inside the male and accept the offer this process in billing, from they started to live together and share their commitment, then what usual they get in to mating and started to build their own nest. In the absence of committed female one if male get any offer for some other female pigeon, it will reject the offer unlike the human.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Much awaited doomsday

Much awaited day 12-12-12, may be doomsday it’s seem to normal Wednesday day. People use to say this is going to happen, that will come true probable the day would be judgment day. But has changed day started well enough.  Some people say wait for 21-12-12 everything fine till now we will see how the things will go till then, but day ended well

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kuekuasheu Every lasting lover

There is interesting information about moon and why it is so lonely; moon is always beautiful that everyone accept this fact. That too when it is full moon day it’s so amazing we can’t take eyes away your from her.  Usual many people got inspired my moon and started to write the poem and people use compare the beloved one with moon. In Asian countries mother use show the moon while they feeding their child. This seems everyone is attracted toward it. So coming to info why moon is so lonely. Because used to have lover and this name is kuekuasheu, they were very happily living in sprite world and usual what the lover use to do as simple as that they will be wander here and there, then moon and kuekuasheu used to wander in skies, life is simple and easy going for them. Will this happiness can be extended. How it is possible there must be some villain to disturb this happy living of the couple and person name is trickster is moon from south. Who is unbearable after seeing the lovely couple so person is waiting for an opportunity do something? As time came for same, kuekuasheu is waiting for moon arrival, and the trickster used the opportunity, trickster approached kuekuasheu and asked do you know what moon like the most. Our poor kuekuasheu got in web of trickster.  What is it that, trickster told that she like flower you can get it in earth. Kuekuasheu was happy to here and got ready to get those, but his mind quizzing which flower to get for that trickster provided the solution, Flower that moon like the most is wild roses. Kuekuasheu was very much happy to hear this and as usual as every lover he is too emotional and started without seeing the consequence. He left sprite world to get the roses for lover.  After reach to earth and getting those wild roses he came to know he lost his sprite world power. He has no clue how to get back. So he turned to wolverine and he used see her howls her name but he can’t touch her again. Poor kuekuasheu still tremble here in earth waiting for arrival to earth, so goddess of love came to know the incident and sent the trickster to underworld, provided a benefit to kuekuasheu that if any wish to stay instead of him in appearance so he can go sprite world for one night and too in full moon day it possible. I wish to support him in this, I guess he accept my help.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Largest Mirror On The Earth

Salar de Uyni, also known as salar de tunupa world’s largest salt flat area. It is situated in southwest Bolivia nearer the Andes Mountain. About 50,000 years ago this area was a part of giant pre historic lake Minchin. Though because of sequential transformations, it dried up and gave two major large salt desert Salar de copisa and Salar de Uynui. The latter one is the largest and its spreads about 10,582 square feet and contains about 10 billions amount of salt. Ancient volcanoes are submerged in the centre in the Salar.  When salar is covered by water it becomes the largest mirror of the earth.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Cell Phones contains more bacteria than others

Cell phones are seems to carry bacteria than a toilet seat. This is because we regularly clean toilets; we have appointed workers for that. In case of cell phones nothing is happening. We use cell phones every where, in every nook and corner. Some of the people use cell phones in toilets also, but none of us clean it. And we also have a habit of sharing the phones, so the number of hands is increased and the level of hygiene is decreased. These are the things which are close to us; they stick to our face, our mouth, our hands etc. people use this when they are sick so that the hygiene level is so much reduced. There are also some common spots where the germ gets to spread, office phone, elevator buttons etc. to limit these spread while you sick please avoid touching anything. In case of cell phone start use antibacterial wipes. This is much better than carrying germs with us.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

PSI - QuitLine in Indian Regional Language

Population Services International (PSI), a non-profit making NGO, has joined hands with American Cancer Society to introduce telephone based counseling for people who wish to quit smoking. Counseling session will be serviced in English, Tamil, Hindi and other regional Languages by trained qualified Counselors.  There is also a pre quit session before quit smoking and there will be after quit for session for people who has already quit smoking.

Toll Free for QuitLine: 1800 266 0 366

Normally Very few really succeeded in quitting but now these people will have support from this NGO to quit smoking.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Temples converted into schools in Chekadi kuppam

Chekadi kuppam is a small village in Tamilnadu says that no god, no where. In the history Chekadi kuppam is flooded with temples and there is outflow of rites and rituals. People of Chekadi kuppam got awareness and slowly got recovery from their rites and rituals by Socialist leader thanthai periyar thoughts. Slowly the temples are changed into schools and at present there in no temple but their ample of schools. Those schools are called as Pagutharivu Palli kudangal. Here they are teaching periyar’s poems to the school children. They stopped practicing their rites and rituals. In every home they have thanthai periyar’s photo instead of god. In Chekadi kuppam marriages are held in a simple way by signing in bond and they are held only in Saturday and Sundays. This is called Seerthirutha Kalyanam. Our society has a belief that having a pigeon as a pet is purely unhealthy to the family. To disprove it each and every family of Chekadi kuppam grows pigeon as a pet. This society is called as Seerthirutha Samuthayum. This society leads every one of us.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sanjay Chopra Award to Om Prakash Yadav, The Brave Boy

Mr. Om Prakash Yadav did a brave thing that made everyone to appreciate and salute him.He is 7th standard student, son of a farmer residing in Uttar Pradesh. On Sep 4th 2010, when he going to school along with his mates in a maruthi van. Unfortunately the van caught fire due to short circuit in the gas kit. Everyone become panic at that moment. The van driver opened his door and fled away. But this brave boy opened the van door and saved his mates though the fire spreads to his face, arms and back. But he has not bothering it and saved eight of his mates. For this bravery action he awarded Sanjay Chopra Award

Monday, August 20, 2012

Inspiring person carrying the Olympic torch

We all would hear about Olympic torch. Do you know about the Olympic torch history? This symbolizes the fire given to human by Greek god Prometheus, and he has been sentenced in eternal torment for the transgression by Zeus King of Greek God.

The Olympic committee will select a group, who have been achieved in any field and would be inspiring to the community or religion and country. This list is prepared and those people only will be carrying the Olympic torch to Olympic stadium. We remember Mr.sathish babu who carried Olympic torch in behalf of India; this is a prestige award for people like him. This is a most cherishing moment to every Tamilian and Indian
Mr.Sathish Babu is one of the inspiration personalities. He started his venture with a small scale turn to a 1000 crore turn over an annum. He is also known for new idea and valuable management skills.
Only people who think out of the box has been successes in past and it has cost many moment to sacrifice in all kind of activities.